Resizing an environment map??

09 April 2018 01:40
Hey B4Wers,

I've created an equirectangular cube map for my scene's environment. It's in and working well (I've even loaded it into my object's sub textures for reflection - I'm generally pleased with it).

Problem is, my environment map seems very large (like it's 'zoomed in' too far), I've tried changing the texture scale but obviously this does nothing in environment map 'mode'.

I know this is possible, but after a few hours, I can't work it out. Any help?

10 April 2018 13:54
Do you mean your texture has non-sufficient resolution? I can't understand what you mean. Maybe you can show some pictures and attach a blend file?
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
10 April 2018 18:13
The 'skydome' just seemed too close. I managed to get a good compromise by rendering the horizon details slightly smaller and decreasing the camera's focal length. It's not ideal, but it will do for now.

My main problem at the moment, is changing the Environment Map with the API (see my new posting).

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