switching environment texture

17 April 2018 16:43
Hi Folks, this is my first post, probably a really dumb question but I've run out of talent !

I'm 3d artist wishing to use blend4web for realtime architectural visualisations. We show potential customers how different designs of conservatories and extensions would look on they're home before they are built.

Anyway I've been developing a template in blend4web to include all the props we commonly use eg furniture, trees, plants, hedges etc. (attached) Some of the realtime functionality too like opening doors and switching lights on and off. As part of this I'd like to implement the ability to change environment textures in the demo, so we can switch from daytime to night time, to show how the lighting looks day and night. Just like in the example scene with the dragon

Is there an easy way to do this ? I can't seem to find any tutorials or anything on the forum

Thanks in advance

17 April 2018 21:19
You can take a look at this tutorial, I hope it helps you.

18 April 2018 12:27
Hi Juani,

Thanks for the reply, and the tutorial, I've actually managed to work out how to switch materials on objects, I did a windows demo where we can switch between our 4 colour options for windows. (attached)

What I'm really stuck with is switching the environment texture or cubemap. Like in this demo -

I've been able to achieve a similar effect by creating 2 skydomes, one for day and one for night, and using show hide object to switch between the two skydomes, but this method doesn't change the environment lighting or reflections on objects.

So how can I replicated the switching of environment texture as in demo ?

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