Blender Game Engine is Dead

19 April 2018 01:33
Sad day for BGE fans
Youtube video

What does this mean for B4W?
What are the dependancies on BGE code / functionality.
Road map to 2.8 compatibility?
20 April 2018 12:37
BGE and Blender Render (BI) both are in heaven . They played a major role for B4W and will play until we let them go .
Since Blend4Web uses BI viewport and the shader system is really powerful and fits Web, I think we will make a fallback for this system.
About 2.8 compatibility there are a set of issues we are going to cover:
1) Viewport - create WebGL responsive preview in Blender
2) Fix data issues - since there is no BI/BGE nomore, there is no variables in Blender environment which B4W are using now; fix this
3) There are some changes in mesh storing. We should update our code to use modern.
4) Create fallback for BI nodes - rewrite them using Pynodes
5) New collections - add support for them
These changes are most important for Blend4Web and Blender 2.8 compatibility. They will make B4W usable in Blender 2.8. And the next stage is to improve PBR-pipeline which is native for Eevee.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
25 April 2018 12:12
I’m waitng for these improvements very interesting
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