PokemonTO University Project

05 May 2018 15:01
Hi everyone! I would like to show you a blend4web project I made some months ago for my computer animation university course. It's a game inspired by pokemonGO and still incompleted since some monster animations and game features I've planned are missing, but the overall game is there and still managed to get me pass the course test with the highest mark. Here is the link to a video gameplay showing it. Please feel free to share your opinions and impressions about it. Just sorry for the video quality (phone recorded) which could be better but my laptop is not powerful enough to let me run the game and record it at same time.
07 May 2018 14:59
Hello Vincenzo! Good to see you here!

You make a great insperience of game development based on webgl technologies with educational purposes. It looks very interesting and it means a big community project, that could provide a very useful complex of knowledges of game production on Blend4Web!

We are very impressed with your project and free to help you with technical issues of it. In a bigger case we could make technical support for whole university. As a UI specialist I love the solution of 3D pda with animated buttons, it's totally amazing!

We prepare a big online community service for education, blogging, crowdfunding, forming and gathering rounds of webstudios and hubs for contracts with companies, which have an interest in 3D web applications. In other words, we are about to start a new world of community relations for growing up the industry of Blend4Web production. So we will glad to publish your online workshops of making Pokemon To and gather community around it.

If you plan online format of development diaries, we will provide you with the support you need in a community that can help you develop, test, and promote your product to the masses. For more information contact us with email

Thank you, feel free and welcome!
Blend4web UI designer
07 May 2018 23:18
Very good, congratulations !!

Have you used Javascript or Logical Nodes?
08 May 2018 17:51
@Alex Chistoedov
Thank you for your appreciation! As for the rest, I will ask you for more details by email.

Thank you, too. I've used both, the game is composed by a hundred of logic nodes and around 4000 lines of javascript code
16 May 2018 18:50
Very nice! Any hints on when this game can go online?
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