Online jewellery creator

19 May 2018 08:27
Hello there

I wonder if the following features are possible with blend4web:

1. Let clients create/draw at least one (and to a maximum five) simple curved splines.

2. Have those splines affect the shape of the jewellery in a specific pre set way to achieve an asymmetric surface along a closed circle spline.

3. Show it interactive or rendered right after the client is done (interactive 3d would be preferred or both).

4. Output a 3dmodel for the jewellery maker to realize that model for the client.

* Optional: let the user upload a handwritten text in bitmap format or type an online text and see it directly imprinted in the virtual model.

Does this require a lot of coding experience?
(no coding would be preferred, but is probably unavoidable?).

Any help, tips and information (or even collaboration in this) would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,

Sébastian Stevens
01 June 2018 18:56
Hi Sebastian!

For now, Blend4web doesn't suport such behavior. But I think what could be posible - to use 2D images which would change little things via Normal Map. For example to add a little clover or heart shape. But it will need a lot of coding, yes, because Blend4Web was not initially intended for such way of iteraction!
01 June 2018 18:59
I can give you the link on this project as an example, seems like an open source project:

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