Faster running, faster preview, group logic ...

21 May 2018 23:22

I have a few ideas

Most important:
- Faster loading and running on webpages! (very slow)

Less important:
- Faster preview
- Node group for Logic
- Animating Color and Alpha in Material
- Open URL Link in new windows
- New Anchor behavior (open/hide only on click icon)
- Play anim numer keyframe (from - to, with reverse)
- Copy options settings from Preview Debug to Blender (Glow, Shadow, fog, …) or preview in Blender,
- set text node logic String to blender text
- Custom Script directly in Node Logic
- iTween
- Get distance
- Logic Nodes for games (collision, trigger, key pressed, add force, get/set: position, rotation, scale, size; Spawn prefabs, destroy, pchysic, …)
- Search for Nodes Logic
- More and more Logic Nodes :)

Thank you and best regards
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