'Ultra' not working in latest Web Player - JSON

23 May 2018 10:06
Back in 2015 we started using B4W to showcase 3D models of machinery attachments. Having this feature works really well for web visitors.

However, we have just recently got back into creating models and went to upload a new one in the same manner as before (using the JSON file instead of HTML export).

The new model was exported for B4W from the latest version of Blender, but failed to load in the WebPlayer that was set back in 2015. Assuming it was a version compatibility issue, we downloaded the latest version of B4W and used that Web Player to test this model with.

Everything works fine EXCEPT for 'Ultra' Mode. See the model here: link

We rely on having ULTRA for mobile devices and for HiDPI screens (such as MacBook..etc).

Has anyone come across this? I know there's nothing wrong with the 3D model file, as the B4W examples on the website also have this issue.

The previous WebPlayer with the models from 2015 still work fine, with ULTRA as default - example: link

Is this a bug with the new player / new version of B4W or is there some WebGL issue I don't know about??

28 May 2018 12:17
Thanks for the report.
We will check the issue.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
28 May 2018 19:07
Could you list the devices on which you have the issue?
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
29 May 2018 03:00
Thanks Alexander

The 'Ultra' not working issue is happening on:

iPhone X - iOS 11.3.1
Latest version of Safari
Latest version of Chrome

MacBook Pro - macOS 10.13.4
Safari ver 11.1 (latest)
Chrome ver 66.0.3359.181 (latest)

Funnily, the B4W loading icon is HiDPI friendly on Chrome on both devices, but on Safari it appears blurry.

As mentioned, this issue is only present on the new version of the player, with the B4W models/player from around 2015/16 still working perfectly with Ultra mode.

05 June 2018 15:21
We've tested this issue on our MacBook Pro (macOS 10.13.5)

Safari 11.1.1
Chrome 67.0.3396.62

The file , you've linked to your message is working in ultra quality without errors, quality change also working.

Could you please specify your video card version and/or send us your WebGL Report (you can get it it on
Did you try to update your OS version?
Ekaterina (Blend4Web Team)
13 June 2018 06:18
Hi Ekaterina

Unfortunately still having issues with the specific example of the Industrial Grapple using the newer B4W Player.

As per the initial post, I haven't touched any of the older 3D models on our site, which use the 2015 player and they all work fine and look great in Ultra.

Here is a Dropbox link with screenshots of webgl reports on MacOS and iOS - both are up to date - plus some MacOS machine info.

I also included a screenshot of what it looks like when Ultra is applied but not reflected in this model's appearance. You can see how it appears a bit blurry and pixellated. For comparison I included a screenshot of an older model that works.

14 June 2018 00:32
i have this problem in HIGH mode so i have to switch ultra when i open the link in mobile
i use chrome on s8 plus for tests
on a note 4 it works fine in all modes
blend made with windows 7 x64
the problem is when the scene is loaded i can't rotate the view and nothing is selectable.
but i noticed that it s like it works but i can t see the 3d animation
to understand this just do this:
i made two buttons on the left the upper one goes camera fwd the other goes back… the first one you can use is the upper one at start. so hit that then wait 3 sec then swich full screen.. you will see the camera moved fwd but it all does t work again… now press fwd again and swich windowed … you will see it worked again and so on
21 June 2018 11:31
i have this problem in HIGH mode so i have to switch ultra when i open the link in mobile
i use chrome on s8 plus for tests
Will check this.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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