Developer Preview 18.05

16 June 2018 00:44

Tried it with the patch, but same blackish semi-transparent screen with no white text.

Gone back to 17.12.0 for now, but will look for more updates.

macOS High Sierra 10.13.4
16 June 2018 02:20
Ekaterina Leonidova, just perfect!
Thank you so much.
16 June 2018 02:24
Joshea, you have to put the fix file into the "blend4web_ce" folder
Then write in a terminal window "cd" without quotes, drag your "blend4web_ce" folder to the terminal window and press enter.
Finally copy and paste Ekaterina Leonidova's command "patch scripts/ < fixOS.patch" into the terminal and press enter. That's it
16 June 2018 12:31
Yeah! That did it.
18 June 2018 14:38
Joshea, did you try the command in the folder with SDK in your console?

The bug is not actually connected with Blend4Web, it raises because of version conflict in macOS 10.13.5 with lzma library , whih is used in Blender.
Ekaterina (Blend4Web Team)
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