[Solved] Simple Wind Simulation

31 May 2018 12:44
How to simulate slice simply?
I was looking at this, but I did not find it … - link and link
This is what it would be

Thanks Hungary Blender Community Site
01 June 2018 17:16
Hi stewet!

I have an idea, please look if it will work for you. You just need to create meshes which will roll the texture. In my example I used a cylinder.



And a more primitive easier version - without normal masks and extra details.

01 June 2018 17:39

Worked a bit more on the idea, here is more complicated result.

05 June 2018 20:32
Dear Pavel!
That's exactly what I meant … thank you very much
I'm about to publish the result soon
I'll show the About in the video
Video Hungary Blender Community Site
13 June 2018 14:25
Ohh it all looks very nice!
Glad I could help!

And thank you so much for mentioning me in the About
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