how to have the best env and settings for cicle fast preview?

31 May 2018 19:20
Hi all
I created an env with all i need for getting a good fast preview of all of my obj.
But i dont undstend how i can do it better(i mean i expect to have more realistic quality in the scene).
I dont undstend where are the settings to get best result of my fast preview?
I can send mine file in mail if you need.
i have 3 light and 2 planes but i need to have the best quality settings for fast preview?
Someone can help me?
01 June 2018 17:44
Hi ELSEdesigner2!

Sure, please send your file, we'll look on it. Mostly the best result is - shaders and lighting combined. And it also depends on how you see the final result, what exactly you want to improve. So, if you have some more exact questions, feel free to ask!
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