Blend4Web Release 18.05

07 June 2018 17:44
We are presenting new release of Blend4Web — open platform for creating 3D web applications. In the new version 18.05 we introduce several important changes and tweaks in the system.

Overview of the new features is available here
Blend4Web team - Editor
09 June 2018 10:49
Can you confirm that the glTF-based pipeline will not limited to being used in the still-to-be-released Blend4Web Studio but will be part of the Blend4Web SDK, as well?
09 June 2018 14:45
Most likely for the first time glTF-pipeline will use some proxy software to convert it to our own format. But the final target is to make native support for glTF, which will be part of the engine and part of SDK as well.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
13 June 2018 10:38
I 've posted (link) a problem relative to MacOS with both 18.05.0 developper preview and release. Does anybody have a clue? Actually without the project manager you can't use the program.
Thank you.
Blend4web rocks!
26 December 2018 08:57
We have put a lot of effort to develop algorithms for real-time cloth simulation, conducted numerous experiments, and created a tool for designing product configurators.
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