Losing node materials when scene is reloaded

21 June 2018 12:13
Hi all,

I'm currently building a configurator…

There's a built in quote engine, that has a simple 'new quote' feature.

When I execute a scene reset to accommodate the new quote, I'm losing my node materials, as well as getting a buckload of WebGL 'invalid operations'.

Feel free to try it out (sorry about the slow load, it's on a free test server)!/build-and-price/

I've not yet found an elegant way to unload and reload the scene… Sending a browser refresh will do the job, but won't help me in the long run.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
21 June 2018 20:45
"WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: bindTexture: object not from this context"

I've not yet found an elegant way to unload and reload the scene
But why do you have to reload the scene in the first place? I take it that "New Quote" is kind of a "reset all changes" button? You could reset all changes with the same B4W operations (show_object, hide_object, reset materials etc.) that made these changes.

P.S.: You also get the warning that the exported JSON does not match the engine version. ("B4W WARN: JSON version is a bit old…")

And the scenery change button does not show up in Firefox.
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