Mobile Camera Controls not working

21 June 2018 17:11
Strangely the camera controls do not work on mobile touch input.
Has anything changed on that? using b4w 17.12

here's my scene, i'm using target camera but while touching on mobile nothing happens, desktop is fine.
25 June 2018 12:27
anyone here? :)
25 June 2018 21:02
the camera controls do not work on mobile touch input
It works on my mobile.
26 June 2018 16:39
on my samsung galaxy s7 with chrome 67 it doesn't. what's your setup?
26 June 2018 19:58
ZTE, Android 7, Chrome 63
27 June 2018 14:31
Thank you for letting me know! It's strange i never had this issue and i'm working with b4w since version 11.
Maybe it has to do with the recently added vr/ar stuff where galaxy s7 is a core device.
The demo posted above is using b4w version 17.12 - i'm now in the process of updating to version 18.05.
Hopefully that fixes the issue.. I also debugged the demo running chrome://inspect - no errors there..

Anyone at blend4web?
27 June 2018 14:36
Just tested it on an iphone 6s : there it works!

So it must be a galaxy s7 phone specific issue, are there any known issues about that?
27 June 2018 14:51
now things getting super strange - b4w 18.05 doesn't even work on latest blender 2.79. i'm on mac osx 10.11.6
can't start project manager from blender, fast preview throws out a massive error message, in short: unusable.
27 June 2018 15:20
now i went back to version 17.08 -> there everything works.

so to sum up:

- blend4web version 18.05 doesnt run on mac osx 10.11.6 with blender 2.79
- blend4web version 17.12 runs as expected but breaks cameracontrols or touchinputs on certain devices (eg galaxy s7)
- blend4web version 17.08 works as expected within blender as well as with all the exports

i would appreciate an official blend4web statement to what's happening with the newer (above 17.08) versions?

thank you in advance
28 June 2018 14:09
This issue is in our tasks queue. Thanks for your investigation. This will help us very much!
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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