Fashion Configurator (texture only)

02 July 2018 21:08
I got the idea from the b4w iphone tutorial (Andrey Prakhov). It runs for just over a minute on my very first youTube video.

Now working on animating the model on a catwalk.

B4W and Blender…Aces!
08 July 2018 19:45
I can see you solved the problem with the glowing ring that didn't show up.

Did you use a Cycles Node material or a B4W material on the dress?
21 July 2018 19:36
Blend4Life, thanks for commenting,

B4W. The dresses are too shiny, where the boots aren't shiny enough.

The late reply? Been working on animating a fashion catwalk.
13 December 2018 12:45
I read your article very detailed and easy to understand, I hope next time you will have more wonderful articles to share with the reader, thank you.
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