Regarding Blend4web pro as of July 2018

04 July 2018 19:24
My name is Rafael and I am a freelancer 3d artist.

I am considering to buy blend4web pro licence but, since I have just a bit experience with the this plugin, I have some questions:

1- I want to make mostly WEB AR so it runs on any device (and platform) without installation required to the final user. Can be done?
Ok its done

2- My clients would be architects that want to publish they're projects on the web for they're clients to be able to visualize it wherever they are. Do they have to have a pro licence for each project asswell?

3- I tryed to upload the AR example project to a test server to see if I could make it to work but it doesn't. Even locally it doesn't work. The only way to see AR running was the one hosted on blend4web website. This is of major importance to me since my main goal is AR. Can you help?
Ok its working

Below another AR example that doesnt work for me

4- And finally, with the pro licence, can I make its look just as I want without all those buttons at the bottom right of the browser?
It was just the player, when hosted it does not show up

Thanks in advance,

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