Newbie hello and a question related to using MH rig.

08 July 2018 14:02
hello all, I'm new here and to B4W which I only downloaded and installed a few days ago during which time I have been trying out it various capacities. One thing I was eager to try was exporting animation to a web page and for that test thought I'd just grab a makehuman character, make it do something stupid and export to a test site I created. All went well until after baking the action and setting up the nodes I got to clicking 'fast preview' which repeatedly results in crashing the tab it opens in Firefox and about half way through loading the scene. If the count goes from 0 to 60 the tab crash occurs at about 40.
Not sure where the problem could be. B4W or Firefox?
I've experienced other weird issues when the fast preview was successful including no animation at all or only part thereof both when using the Makehuman standard and the Makehuman game rig. As such the problem does not appear to be solely related to FK vs IK or rig complexity. Any thoughts anyone?
08 July 2018 19:13
Try to narrow down the problem:
for that test thought I'd just grab a makehuman character, make it do something stupid and export to a test site I created
So, does the exported scene on the test site also crash, or does it only crash in the previewer? Does it only crash in Firefox, or also in Chrome? Can you upload the project or the .blend file here so others can test it?

I haven't worked with MakeHuman/rigs/animated armatures lately, but I did with B4W v17.08 and it never crashed.
09 July 2018 11:12
Hello Blend4Life and thank you for your response. Sorry for the lack of clarity. The scenes that crashed the Firefox tab were not uploaded to the test website and so don't know whether there would be a problem there as well. I will do a test.

With the other (weird) problem - the animation in the preview not doing what it does when played back in Blender - I think I may have found the problem but need to repeat the create action / fast preview process a few times and using different settings to confirm the problem is positively identified.

I have found another issue with an action fast previewed and it is that some deform bones have influence on vertices not assigned to those deform bones. With a character whose clothes are a separate object to the body but sharing the same rig, an upward movement of the hands close to the body also drags up the sides of the trousers. Working on this as well.

I'm keen to sort out these issues which I guess are related to settings and order of operations and want to confirm that before I cry bug! My original post was in the hope someone might have experienced the same and have a solution.

Cheers, thanks and when I confirm anything one way or the other I will share results here.
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