Problem on Iphone

29 July 2018 19:15
Hello, I have problems when viewing an animation on Iphone, the animation is an armature.
Does anyone know why?


Clicking on the red cube should launch the animation but it does not, the model does not appear in pose mode either.
Thanks in advance
31 July 2018 11:49
Blend4Web uses uniforms in bone animation. And all mobile Apple devices has limits on uniforms amount which causes limits on amount of bones per mesh.
To solve the issue you have two options:
1) Split your mesh to reduce bones amount per part of the mesh.
2) Bake your animation. But this will increase memory usage and file size.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
31 July 2018 13:44
Thank you very much, do you know the amount of bones supported by each mesh in Apple?
It also happened that Samsung J7 does not see the mesh
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