Texture Fusion of different meshs

30 July 2018 10:36

I'm looking for creating a box configurator.

I've found the solution of shrinkwraping differents meshs with canvas texture on a side of my box to add possibilities of text/images personnalisation.

Now, I'd like to fusion all the textures created by the customer to the chosen texture of the box in view to download it.

Do you think there is a solution to do that ?

Thanks by advance
30 July 2018 21:06
You mean download as an image? You could set the camera to look straight on the cube surface (like you can do with the FRONT/BACK/TOP etc. view numpad keys in Blender) and then simply save the canvas content as an image with canvas.toDataURL.
31 July 2018 15:53
Hello and thanks for the reply!

My blender's box is flat at the begining and I used an armature to fold it (as we do in production (cardboard box)).
So i'd like to download the customed final texture (the original one + text1 + text2 + etc) as a flatten image, for giving it to the printer.

By saving the image of each faces of the box, there will be missing parts due to rounded corners of the box.

But following your idea, I could unfold the box before save the canvas content as an image.

I'm going to dig up the idea!
Thanks a lot!
21 November 2018 14:43
Import from a library a model (fbx and obj). They appear light color in the design. When you change the physical material and/ or appearance, they do not take the new appearance. Canon Printer Not Responding is complex issue nowdays.
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