Blend4Web Pro license issue

02 August 2018 05:38
Hello Blend4Web team,
3 (three) business days ago we placed an order on the Pro version. However, we didn't receive the link on download and nobody replied to many emails we already sent. The single telephone number 7 495 676 4068 provided by the website is rejecting any call we made, which are international and expensive. Did you receive the order and the payment? Can you confirm please? Thanks.
31 August 2018 19:00
The issue is solved. I've got it. Thanks
07 September 2018 01:14
Hi Srg,

I purchased Pro version one week ago and heard nothing. Could you do me a favor to let me know how you solved?
Than you.
09 October 2018 19:22
Hi moto-man,
Sorry for the late reply. I've been very busy with my other projects and didn't check this forum for a long time.
Actually, the resolving of my issue took more than 2 months by bombarding Blend4Web with emails and trying to reach by the phone +1 7 495 676 3660. Good luck with the Pro version!
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