How to connect AWS IoT with Blend4Web ?

05 August 2018 17:02
Hey guys,
I hope somebuddy can help me out here.

I have a AWS Server which can send messages. Can I connect my AWS server with the Blend4Web Client Browser ?

Are there some tools for it ? I am grateful for any kind of help.

Best regards
04 September 2018 02:09
Connecting the AWS is very simple as you have to do some steps. First, you have to launch the instance, after that, you have to connect the instance with the module you want to connect. Then after connecting, clean up the instance. Follow the procedure as given there. Similarly, HP support number has done it.
10 November 2018 12:30
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12 November 2018 11:39
If this is the first time you are using the AWS IoT console, you see the Welcome to the AWS IoT Console page. If it's not your first time using the the AWS IoT console, you see the Monitor page.If you use avast antivirus then Avast Blocking League of Legends will fix the issue instantly. Hope this will help you.
02 January 2019 09:17
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