Can someone help me with this counter?"blend4life"...

12 August 2018 20:49
…..was kind enough to help me with this before…and it worked awesome with the cubes nbot sure this is happening with the counter i did…
transf node jumps it to other location when clicked. Not sure what am i doing thats wrong…

thank you so much beforehand!!
13 August 2018 19:04
It "jumps" because you set the Transform Node location space to "World" and have the location set to 0/0/0. This makes the object "jump" to 0/0/0.

Simply copy the current location to the Transform Node (do this for all Transform Nodes) and you're good:
13 August 2018 20:04
Hi, I would apply this logic, I hope you understand. You have to put the transform nodes in local mode so they do not move to the 0,0,0 global coordinates. I have put the camera in Eye mode so that it does not happen the same. I leave the .blend
13 August 2018 20:05
Dude!!! You are a blessing!!!
Wow…thank you soo much for that!
Thats so cool!!
BTW ..are you from Brazil?
13 August 2018 21:20
You have to put the transform nodes in local mode so they do not move to the 0,0,0 global coordinates.
I had to edit my post twice - this solution IS correct if you remove the "add" variable nodes and simply do the rotation with a fixed value in local space.

Yours is the simplest and best logic tree for this task.

Sorry about the confusion with the edited posts.
13 August 2018 21:58
Hi, I could put a simple example, I can not find the difference.
13 August 2018 22:11
You can not add values ​​in this case since the 1 frame is 0 + 36 the second 36 + 36 the third 72 + 36, they are not correct values ​​for each frame. It's a little messy
13 August 2018 23:24
That's right, the version with the incremented variable only works in world space, and your version in local space. You can even scrap the variables entirely and simply put 36° local in the Transform Node. The only drawback then is that you don't have values to work with, for example if you want to do something at a certain angle. Because - how do you READ a loc/rot/scale with nodes?
14 August 2018 04:19
Guys…from the bottom of my heart…thank you so much!! but they didnt work…even copying locaqtion values into the transf node.
If you recal blend4life, you send me the cubes example…and they work PERFECTLY.!!! without doing anything…the moment i enter those numbers, the problems start….I JUST CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HECK!!! How come the cubes work so well, and because i typed the numbers as in the .blend file and they dont work??? there has to be a setting thats is bugging the process in those numbers i did…what could be??? again, the cubes do it exactly like i wanted!!!
omg this is killing me
14 August 2018 04:22
how come this one works perfectly!!!!???
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