Can someone help me with this counter?"blend4life"...

14 August 2018 04:28
i dont have the newest b4w…do you think they fixed this bug in the 18.05?
14 August 2018 06:38
With the cubes it works because the 3 have their origin in 0,0,0 therefore the local and global origin is the same. Do the same for the numbers.
14 August 2018 09:03
omg this is killing me
Hello again,

To be honest, I didn't even test your first attachment because I thought you ONLY had the "jump" problem, but there were some other errors. I attached a new .blend where those are corrected.

I made the digits black for better visibility. It works fine now as far as I can see.

But you can also use Juani's upload because his version also works perfectly fine.
14 August 2018 15:43
Ok..i will test it. Thank you so much for u both!!!
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