Animation problem! Please help

30 August 2018 04:44
I cant get the animation to stop and then play from that point again PLEASE HELP
30 August 2018 19:50
What are you looking for, precisely? As I see it, you want the scene to start with the lion rotating (infinite loop), and this infinite loop can be stopped by the user clicking on the lion, and when the user clicks again, the lion will resume rotating at the current frame. Is that it?

I tried "Stop Animation" and "Play Animation", but the animation resumed at the first frame, not the current frame, even if "Set First Frame" was not checked. This is apparently because "Play Animation" always plays from the first frame.

Then I tried "Stop Timeline" and "Play Timeline". This worked with respect to resuming at the current frame, but the animation would not loop infinitely anymore once a stop was issued.

If anyone knows how to do this with standard Logic Nodes, please share!

I will post a solution with custom Logic Nodes later.
30 August 2018 22:36
I would like the scene to load up. Once the scene is loaded then when you click the the lion starts to rotate once you click it again it will start then when you click again the rotation will resume from that frame and this will loop. This is possible in the older versions of blend4web with the "switch select" node. I have no idea why it is not working now. @Blend4Life Thanks for looking at it so far.
31 August 2018 19:38
OK, whatever, the animation nodes are not that great anyway, so I added two custom nodes to have better control of the animation: MyAnimationPlay and MyAnimationGetFrame

When the user clicks to stop, the current frame number is read with MyAnimationGetFrame and stored. When the user clicks again, the animation is played from that frame with MyAnimationPlay.

This works well and you don't need NLA or anything. Simple animation is fine.

Demonstration: LINK

Attachment: "" ready for import in B4W Project Manager, or just for you to take out whichever files you want to look at.
01 September 2018 03:01
Gee thanks man. I have know idea what or how you did that but thank you. How do you know how to do these things? Where did you learn? Because I need to understand. But anyway thanks a ton. I appreciate it.
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