[Solved] Weird Environment

30 August 2018 05:19

In the gif I attached below I show how I apply a cubemap as an environment and what happens with it when fast previewing. I've done it with different cubemaps, used the last b4w 18 version and previous 17.12 but getting same results. I hope if someone helps me figure out if I'm doing something wrong.

30 August 2018 05:47
Another try but this time I use cycles nodes. Gif attached below.
30 August 2018 20:31
Example 1: I think it may have something to do with being in "Blender Render" render mode when you set up the env map. Go to "Blend4Web" render mode instead and go to the texture tab, then "world" button, then NEW. It now says "Type: Image/Movie - texture type is not compatible with current… " bla bla. You need to select "ENVIRONMENT MAP" from the type drop down menu here. Then you can go on with selecting the file etc. The User Manual has a dedicated chapter describing how to set up these textures.

Example 2: You're using an hdr file, I don't think they work. If you convert the hdr into a jpg or png (which you can do simply in Blender: open the HDR in the UV/Image editor and save it as a JPG/PNG), then the second example works.

P.S.: Good point about using PNG rather than JPG for sky textures (because of possible seams). I edited my post.
31 August 2018 20:10
Okay. I couldn't replicate the same bad cubemap result on work pc (previously I tested with my old laptop) so I guess it's technical problem of mine that will not affect someone who has a modern pc.

About the Cycles environment problem: I have mistaken. I used .exr file as an HDRI. Converting it to .png solved the problem.

Blend4Life thank you for help
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