Augmented Reality: Annotations not always at the same place

04 September 2018 20:59
Hello everybody,
so after my last question I manage it to get it work. But I have 4 specific problems, maybe they are related to the "augmented reality-mode" or not (I'm not that used in blend4web to decide or know it, sorry).

So question 2 of 4:
I want to display some annotations. So I followed the "Fast and Simple"-Part of this Tutorial:
The anchor with the annotation is displayed, so far so good. But the annotation "swims" so it is not displayed correctly in all camera positions. If the camera is right above the marker-image its ok, but the annotation is at the wrong place if the camera is hold a little bit lower.
How could I set up the annotations, so that they are allways at the same position related to the object?

To make it easier to follow what I did (wrong), a sample blend4web-folder is attached (recognised marker is the marker of the blend4web-example, to be found here).

Thanks for every input or help

p.s. I decided to made a single request for every question, so its more clear and also easier to find later (if needed), hope this is ok
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