Augmented Reality: Items not clickable with custom-annotation

04 September 2018 20:59
Hello everybody,
so after my last question I manage it to get it work. But I have 4 specific problems, maybe they are related to the "augmented reality-mode" or not (I'm not that used in blend4web to decide or know it, sorry).

So question 4 of 4:
To gave some advice to the user, I wanted to create a custom-annotation, following the "Expert Mode"-part in this tutorial: This also worked as it should and I was able to create and position the annotation. Problem is, that after creating this custom element, the items in the scene aren't clickable anymore.
What did I have done wrong in this case, or how can I set up a scene with a custom annotation and clickable elements?

To make it easier to follow what I did (wrong), a sample blend4web-folder is attached (recognised marker is the marker of the blend4web-example, to be found here).

Thanks for every input or help

p.s. I decided to made a single request for every question, so its more clear and also easier to find later (if needed), hope this is ok
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