css minimizer / compiler problem with calc()

14 September 2018 18:41
if the css file contains a
calc(50vw + 10px)
property, the css compiler / minizer removes the whitespaces around the + sign which makes this css property invalid.

therefore, the buildt / deployed version displays these elements incorrectly.

this can be fixed by modifying the compiled .min.css file, but should be handled correctly in the first place.

a fix would save the manual work!
16 September 2018 00:01
Errors with minimizing are common, so exclude lists were provided.

Go to the Project Manager, scroll to your project, click "config" , go to the CSS Compilation Pass-Through List and add the filename of your css file (usually <projectname>.css). Save Config. The file will now be excluded from minimization during compile/build.
17 September 2018 15:56
thanks for the tip!

i think as long as this is fixed with a simple replace command, we will rather use the minized version and fix it by hand.
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