Saving/Exporting models as .stl?

15 September 2018 03:46

So I'm new to blend4web, I was "following the Furnishing a Room" tutorial, and I am wondering how do I create a button that will export the models from the web application, into a .stl or .obj format?

So basically, in the tutorial the application allows you to click a button, and it loads furniture, then you can move the furniture around. So basically, I want to add an additional button to this application, that will allow me to export/save to my computer, all the furniture models, in their current position/layout. Either in a .stl or .obj format.

Can some one please point me in the right direction, or maybe some sample code to help me get started. Sorry again for the newbie question, I'm really trying to learn. Thanks.

This is the tutorial I am following:
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