replace_image of world texture returns "not found" error if Env. Lighting is disabled

18 September 2018 19:45
This was spotted by user y-shimada:

If you use an environment texture as a world background ("sky texture"), trying to swap the texture with m_tex.replace_image() works fine as long as Environment Lighting is activated. But when it is deactivated, calling replace_image() returns an error message in the console:

Couldn't find texture "<texturename>" in object "%meta_world%World".

This error will come up regardless of which Sky Texture Usage mode you pick. You can even use the same texture on an object as a cube map and it works, but the world will return "not found".

This issue does not exist with Cycles world textures. They can be swapped with Env. Lighting disabled.
03 October 2018 10:57
Thank you! Your post really helped me with this problem!
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