Camera Move and Camera Limites Area.

19 September 2018 12:05
I get some a trouble when I play camera move to a location with Node and Project sample code.
The trouble is camera try to through to "Camera Limites Area" when while movement.
A MovementNode and project sample(with fruit) is a calculated way without doesn't care about Camera Limites Area.
So My camera is unable to move target location and Camera doesn't arrive at the target.
how to fix that problem? Should I be writing the source code?
Thank you.
24 November 2018 23:32
The camera movement is limited to the limited area which is not mentioned here but it will not move more than that area. You will get an error message if you try to move more than that. You may also encounter with error code 43 mac which can be fixed by visiting the site.
28 November 2018 18:51
this is a known issue, you will need custom code to worka around it.

here is a starting point for that code:
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