Egyptian Coffin Shop (B4W v18.05)

23 September 2018 22:09

Demonstration: LINK
Download: [soon to be available]

I made a nice little configurator demo which runs (almost) completely on Logic Nodes. It has three configurables (size, color, cross) and various special effects to demonstrate animated materials, animated lighting, animated particle systems, and object fading.
18 November 2018 05:18
Epic loading screen! It's a good demonstration of what you can do with just the logic nodes. There needs to be some indication of what you can click - ie the cursor changes or object highlights. Really neat otherwise!
23 November 2018 10:12
Thanks. Hopefully, I'll get to uploading commented sources where the loading screen will be explained (it's two overlayed images using .drawImage() and its clipping param to produce the transition).

There needs to be some indication of what you can click
Actually, I left that out on purpose. This is more of a humorous demo where the user is supposed to explore the scene and get a chuckle out of the effects. (Hence the cartoon sounds.) Kind of like the Christmas demo.

In case you missed one, there are 10 buttons: Color 1/2/3, Size 1/2/3, Cross 1/2/3, and Checkout (sign on floor).
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