[SOLVED]How to use none Liner with Camera Animation without NLA Editor

04 October 2018 13:11
I wrote the answer here.
Please check this note.

Hi, devs.
I want to identify how to play none liner animation without NLA editor.

I'm using the "rotate_camera" function but it is unable to play with none liner.
How to play with nonlinear movement without bake animation or animation data.

I don't know even which function is like a Tick event.
please tell me about where is tick event function and how to make like that camera behavior.
Thank you
09 October 2018 20:15
"tick function" / update function can be done by using:

time.animate for multiple independent callbacks which can end / be stopped etc

main.set_render_callback executed each rendered frame

main.append_loop_cb to execute always
10 October 2018 05:51
Thank you for sending text me.

This information useful to me.
so do you know how to none liner animation at "rotate_camera" function?
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