Is this possible to accomplish?

08 October 2018 17:44
I wd like to make a ruler for the viewer to measure objects on the screen….so i thougth about going like that:
1. The value of shape keys go from 0.0 to 1.0.
2. I animate a line that starts at 0 and goes to 2.
3. Everytime a user clicks the line increases by 1 unit.
4. Lets say i estipulate the whole 0 to 1 to be equal to 2 meters.
5. The viewer will know a value taken from the object in real life, and enter that value in a field on the screen, stretching that line to that corresponding size (not the shape key animation..just stretching to match the size of object)
6. From there on, another button corresponding to the animating shape key is clicked to measure other objects.

I dont think ive made myself clear with this. But i wd appreciate any ideas from u guys on how one can accomplish that. Thank you so much.
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