[SOLVED]I want to identify how to import another library.

09 October 2018 05:51

I don't know where should I put another library into Blend4web.
could somebody tell me where I should put the libraries?

The library is here.

Thank you :-)
09 October 2018 20:17
just put the .js file into your project (projects/yourprojectname) folder

when using es5, you will need to add it to your html header as script

in es6 you also have the option to import it as module
10 October 2018 05:57
Hi, Thank you for sending the text again!

I will try that but does it possible?
I want to Third person library at Javascript (don't want use in HTML) and I don't get it Architecture between HTML and JS.

By the way, I'm so thank you for your information.

10 October 2018 06:05
I got it how to import third-party library
Thank you help me
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