[SOLVED]How to change rendering scale from JS or Blender?

15 October 2018 11:18
Hi, devs.

I want to change a rendering scale, that is like a changing to shadow scall resolution on a blender window.
(please look at example.png)

Please some body teach me

m_main.append_loop_cb(function() {
                m_cont.resize(4096 , 2160, true);

I already used this source code and I don't wanna use that because my CSS layout is gonna broken when I using that code and I have to recreate css

I really want to change rendering resolution without side effects, these effect examples are changing CSS layout and overriding auto resize function.

could guys help me?
15 October 2018 12:54
i asked this before, you can set the render scale of b4w:

note that this is different from the shadow resolution you showed in your screenshot

for shadow resolution use
15 October 2018 13:49
Hi tp_up :)
You are very kind to me!!

Thank you for sharing that infomation!
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