Complex Object, Problems with UV Map and Transparency

29 October 2018 20:05

I was searching the Forum for s a similar Problem , but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Now i hope for a capable opinion from the community.

The Problem is, I'm animating a 3d application and need to highlight different parts of my Object. Till here I managed to get things how i want them. I create some kind of circle in illustrator, exported it as PNG and projected on my Object via UV Mapping. Works just fine.

The Observer has to be able to look all 360° of the object and see the highlighted parts even from behind, means Transparency, but thats where the trouble begins.

Neither in Blender nor in the WegGL Player is the UV-Image shown from behind and through the transparent object.

Is there a way solved this?

I attached some screenshots, so you can see the problem yourself

Thanks in Advance for any Help

30 October 2018 16:05
when you have multiple transparent objects and they dont blend correctly, you can try using alpha sort mode or try increasing/decreasing the z-offset value on them.

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