[solved]Why mouse event is changed after build to projects?

30 October 2018 12:24
Hi, devs.
I wonder why the mouseUp event is changed after built.
for example, I use IFrame and I want input B4W project to another HTML as IFrame.
I have trouble This situation.
1: first click your B4W project.
2: you have to hold a mouse button. (while moving camera)
3: mouse Icon is gone to outside Iframe.
4: You release the mouse button.
5: You move Icon to B4w window(Inside IFrame)
B4W doesn't detect "mouse up" event outside Iframe. Then B4W is still camera moving without the mouse click.

I have fixed this problem. that issue happenes only on the google.
So I have given up then I switch to using default camera setting. that succeed!
05 November 2018 20:07
we have the same issue. what did you do to fix it?

what do you mean with default camera setting?
06 November 2018 13:33
Hi tp_up.
I say thank you that you always helped me

Default camera setting means is don't override default parameters from alignment.

I suggest for you looking below.

You can fix with simple If you don't use UI as HTML elements on your project.

please write below in load_cb.
m_app.enable_camera_controls(false, false, false, null, false);

 don't use this one
 m_app.enable_camera_controls(false, false, false, null, true);
 I guess this code makes us confused. and B4W doesn't support the google chrome browser.

I hope that solved your problem
07 November 2018 11:30
oh okay thank you!

unfortunately, we need html elements. i will try to find a fix or a workaround
27 November 2018 09:14
Hi tp_up.

I'm so sorry waiting for you.
I just did another project.

so How is your problem? it's still happening?
28 November 2018 19:05
uhm yeah we went with default camera settings

and put {pointer-events:none} as css on most of the ui, so you can click through
then {pointer-events:all} on buttons

i was unable to find a viable fix
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