Problems - Transparency Glitch

06 November 2018 15:41
Hey Guys,

I created this scene with these transparent Objects, and everything worked out pretty much the way i liked it.

But when I looked at it again in the Webplayer, I noticed some Transparency glitches in a specific spot:

I tried playing around with Z-offset, alpha and the transparency type but nothing quiet worked. I also checked the normals, which seam to be alright

Here's also the html_file so you can scroll around and see for yourself.


So now I'm pretty desperate, because I don't wanna deploy the project like this.

I hope somebody knows this problem and can help me real quick, my blender knowledge reached it's limits.

Thank you very much
14 November 2018 17:43
the right bigger hole seems to have inverted normals, but it seems to work correctly my side.

what exactly do you want to be different?
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