How to upload image for 3d model?(WEB)

14 November 2018 10:12
Hello, [smiling-open-mouth]
I have an important question about my project -
I have a 3D model on my website and someone should be able to upload an image, within an area, and transfer their image on the 3D model.

Although I succeed the upload, but the image on the model is not updated. I want to get something like "LaikaLike"

Do somebody know, how I can do this? [cold-sweat]
(I can program in html, css, a little bit javascript and jquery.)
Kind regards,

14 November 2018 17:32

allows you to change a texture on a material inside blend4web

someting like
m_tex.replace_image(cube, "Texture", image);
28 November 2018 16:23
Hey tp_up,

thank you for the reply!
Yes the m_tex.replace_image code helps a lot.
But the central problem is, that i can only change the Image, with textures, that have been insert in the blendfile.
When I replace the Image, while the jsonfile is running, the Texture is not updating. Only when I start it new.
Is there any way, to do it like the other configurators?
Kind regards,

29 November 2018 22:52
Hello, Bani
Im trying to do the same thing, but I guess I'm few steps further than you. For this application canvas textures are used:
This is example of this method:
You can also check this post I asked:
05 December 2018 09:10
Hello Hobocat,

thank you for you reply. That helps me a lot :D
I try to figure it out and post the result! ;)
Kind regards,

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