Images are being mapped on incorrectly

22 November 2018 19:54
Hi, it seems that my Blend4Web is not mapping the images correctly ? The object has one UV-map and is unwrapped using smart UV project within bounds (non-overlapping). It's not the viewport error either. I tried rendering the viewport in Blender Internal and in Cycles and viewport shading is correct. But Blend4Web shows a different mapping for some reason.. I tried Json and its the same as fast preview.





Blend4Web Output:

22 November 2018 20:00
Blend file with texture
23 November 2018 10:01
There seems to be an issue with the .dds file? When you convert it to .jpg, the mapping will be correct and identical to Blender's output.
23 November 2018 11:52
Thank you, it was driving me nuts !
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