Object Outline - New Glow Effect

04 May 2015 19:30
So prior to this update the glow/outline effect would turn on when the object is moused over, and off when a user moused off. It seems now that the mouse off functionality was taken out and replaced by the Outline Relapses (# of times the outline animation repeats). My application uses the Outline feature to highlight objects so a user knows they are selectable(turns on and off from rollover) and should stay highlighted when selected.

So now since the update 15.04, every object I rolll over Outlines infinitely and all glow/outline at the same time. Is there a way around this issue? I've tried setting the relapses, but it is not having the desired effect.

My current project looks like a Christmas tree after I roll over all the selectable objects, they all have an outline and blink.
04 May 2015 23:35
Hi, Ryan

It seams you are using the outline animation (scenes.apply_outline_anim() method or so) instead of simple method to switch outline intensity scenes.set_outline_intensity(). Please use the later or stick to features provided by mouse.enable_mouse_hover_outline() method. As an example, also check out our New Year demo from the SDK.
05 May 2015 00:48
I found that because I'm using the outline in my JavaScript code. I need to disable the Outline on Select option in Blender.
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