What are the best settings to use in scene viewer and get the best browser response?

17 December 2018 00:42
For example: browser resolution?
During my loads and reloads i use a different computer for testing and everything was out of whack when i opened my project in other computer!! i had to review distances between buttons, camera distances, etc…

How do i go by getting the best settings to use??
I think I know what I am doing but i feel i am missing a few important concepts.
Sorry if it is a dumb question.
17 December 2018 22:17
Sorry if it is a dumb question.
Maybe I don't get the question, but IMO, browser resolution should not matter within your 3D scene at all. For example, if you shrink your browser window, the scene will still appear the same. If you use the webplayer/scene viewer, it's always the same regardless of resolution. Is it not on your machines?

However, this is not true for any buttons or HTML elements you add outside of the scene. For these elements, you have to take care yourself that they fit on the HTML page on any user device, and possibly add a mobile version. B4W will not do that for you.
18 December 2018 05:44
Hello…thank you so much for replying…im talking about the viewport dimensions(resolution of the scene viewer, actually!!)….i exported the project and opened up in another browser in a different computer and everything went out of the whack!!! my buttons are parented to the camera and they were smaller and the number of the viewport was completely different! i had to re arrange things. The monitor resolution was higher in the other computer and maybe thats why. I had to modify the camera distance so things wd go back to normal.
The viewport pixels i see in my monitor is different from the picture below. The computer I am using now shows 2250x 1329 in viewport. Thats what I meant i am missing concepts. Its got nothing to do with resolution, but with the viewport dimensions..why were they different from computer to computer? what I am missing here? I just want to work with a number that will be alright when exported to HTML.

Thank you so much for everything!!! And by the way…what is this ????
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