Change default quality level

24 December 2018 01:17
My work flow is to use the blender plugin to export to the blend4web html format. This produces an html file that works pretty well on my laptop, dekstop an my wifes phone. it does not however work on my own phone. Mine is of comparable quality and definitely should run it.

However i have found the changing the quality to either low or ultra and it will indeed render.

I am embedding these files through the use of an iframe. I have access to the iframes document therefor i can use .getelement and the like..

How do i tell the player to use low quality autoplay, loop and make the controls disappear?
24 December 2018 23:20
it is apparently something to do with chrome.. firefox on my phone works fine. But i need this to work on other peoples phones by default… i need to tell it to use low quality somehow.
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