pixel glow

03 January 2019 12:19

i am new to Blend4Web, i just discovered it a week ago. it is very good product - keep up the good work! - and a great extesion/addon for Blender, which i use for a few years now, but only for mesh creation and UV texturing (for free game mods) so i do not have any experience with nodes and rendering stuff.

i have a question regarding the glow effect: is it somehow possible to make some pixels of an RGBA texture to glow? i tried to create a setup to make the ALPHA pixels glow and managed to make the alpha pixels of the texture appear in the glow color. i cannot see if these pixels actually glowing or not, because the whole object is outlined in glow (looks cool, but this time i do not need it). is there a solution to my problem or do i have to create separate mesh with different materials to achieve this effect? is there a completely another way making this work?

thank You!
best regards,
07 January 2019 16:39
meanwhile i realised, that only edges (geometry) can glow, so to use this kind of effect on per pixel basis, i would need some kind of pixel shader…
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