B4W failed to load resource - SAFARI

05 January 2019 19:30
I used a simple ogg file for a speaker in a project of mine. When the build or the dev is loaded through the project manager, I get in the javascript console the following error:

[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) (ff073383868c0fd28b4c8b33b07876be.altconv.m4a, line 0)
[Error] B4W ERROR: 404 when trying to get http://localhost:6687/projects/MAZE_finale_testo_collisione/assets/ff073383868c0fd28b4c8b33b07876be.altconv.m4a?v=05012019171515

After two hours of struggle, I tried with Firefox and everything works fine.
Disabling the restrictions of Safari in the Developer menu is not of help.
SAFARI 10.1.2
B4W 18.5.0

Any advice?

Thanks for your help
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