How to duplicate specific object

10 January 2019 18:44
How to make a button that would allow the viewer to duplicate and object and its naterial?
Or copy and paste? Whichever..
Is it possible with logic nodes? Anyone?
10 January 2019 20:06
With the API method for copying objects: m_objects.copy()

With Logic Nodes, you can either use a JS_Callback Node that executes the above-mentioned copy method.

Or you can use a trick: You already start with hidden copies of the object and upon user click, you use Transform, Inherit Material and Show nodes to place the copy. (But this will not be a feasible solution if the user is supposed to make many or even unlimited copies.)
15 January 2019 04:14
Awesome. Thank you so much for your help. any example of api youve seen around and link it so i could see it in the code?
15 January 2019 10:05
I forgot to mention dynamic asset loading with m_data.load(). This is apparently used in the cartoon interior example - every click on a furniture button loads the respective asset, so three clicks on the chair button create three chairs, and it's efficient because it only loads on demand.
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