Change Texture for multiple Objects via Script (2)

14 January 2019 21:26
Hello everyone and good evening,

i have i small task to do and need some help.
I hope i can explain it well.

I want to make five buttons with html.
With these five buttons i want to change the texture of the Objects. All Objects have the same Material and the same Texture. So one Texture have to be changed. There are five different types of textures.

I guess it is a Switch scripted for Javascript, but i dont know how to start. Does anybody have some Informations for me? Maybe some Code-Example?
That would be very nice :)

Maybe this Tutorial will help to define my question.
Here it made with blender internal buttons (Objects).

Also my Project Data(It does not work with my Code):

I want HTML buttons
Have a nice day.
Kind regards,

14 January 2019 23:16
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