Ao shadow problem

15 January 2019 19:24
I recreated a simple scene to show you a weird shadow behaviour
The shadow of the rotated parallelepiped interrupts suddenly.

if i put the object higher on the ground, i manage to see the shadow.

Any idea about that
15 January 2019 19:34
I'm using B4W 17.06 if it can help
15 January 2019 21:43
I'm not sure if this is the cause in your scene, but shadows are "directional" in B4W and thus can "break off" at certain angles.

Try the same scenario with a Sun lamp. If you get better shadows, then it's probably a limitation of the lamp you use and the shadows it produces in B4W.
16 January 2019 10:44
Thank you for the reply.
I tried with a sun lamp, but the problem remains.
It seems that all the objects (or part of those) that are under 10 cm (z value) do not cast shadows.
16 January 2019 21:40
Maybe you could attach the project, so I can try if I get the same problem on B4W 18.05.
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