Move camera logic node undesired rotation(blend4life or anyone!)

17 January 2019 09:15
I setup a button on which the viewer clicks and the camera moves above the main object with the purpose of looking down on it. Here is the setup:

in the node "move camera" is the destination "top handler view" which is a plane. The camera moves from the main view to a top view "take" of the object.

What happens: when it gets there, instead of maintaining a straight down view, it rotates the whole field a few degrees. What am i doing wrong??
17 January 2019 22:31
You'd have to post the project so others can see the result. I just made a little scene with "Move Camera". I tested a top-down movement and it worked for me. But in my experience, B4W camera movement can be glitchy and it has been bug-fixed many times. Which B4W version do you use?
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