How to create 1 simple node tree for all the objects in the scene

17 January 2019 11:42
I have a very large number of objects in my scene, and for all the objects I want to program the same behaviour: when user select the object I want to outline the selected object and then aim camera to the selected object.

I tried to parse 'selected' object from JS to node tree as a variable but I couldn't make it work, and now I am trying to just make one simple node tree that will do all the stuff.

I don't want to have 100s node trees defining the same behaviour but for different objects.

Please help! :)
17 January 2019 22:16
You can do this with less than 10 nodes regardless of how many objects you have if you store the selection result in a variable. Then you can perform the strand of actions you want on the variable.

Demonstration: LINK


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